Call us today at (800) 485-9114

Call us today at (800) 485-9114

Become Affiliate

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Earn commission while helping other build their credit

    Become Affiliate

    Join Us Now!

    Earn commission while helping other build their credit

    How It Works

    Evaluate Your Credit

    Through evaluating your credit, we will be able to pin point the exact items on your credit report that may be responsible for hurting your credit score.

    Set a Goal

    Our Credit Specialists will create a comprehensive plan to clear up your credits issues in a timely manner.

    Get Results

    As the credit bureau’s remove errors from your account your score will slowly increase. It is important that you continue to pay bills on time so not to counter act the increase.

    How we process new customers:

    • We perform a credit audit of the customer’s file.
    • We interview the customer regarding the inaccurate accounts.
    • We prepare the first dispute round for the customer.
    • We then send the customer access to their client portal where they can track their status.
    • We educate the client weekly through email and voice blast messages.
    • We continue this process until the client’s credit is high enough to purchase a loan.

    How we work with partners:

    • We gather information from the affiliate so they can receive their commission.
    • We add the affiliate’s pictures and contact information to the client’s portal.
    • We give the affiliate access to the affiliate portal.
    • Through the portal the affiliate can track their commission and sales.
    • Through the portal the affiliate can track the status of their referral.
    • We also keep the affiliate updated with the client status through email.
    • Once the client graduates from our program, we send them back (to?) the affiliate.

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